New Ownership

Hi, we are Adrian and Sharon Finch and we are the new proprietors of The Hotel de France et de Russie.We arrived in France back in August last year and spent the first three months juggling croissants, ironing, telephones and the French legal system before eventually completing our purchase at the end of October 2016

It had always been a dream of ours to live in the beautiful region of the Dordogne and to possibly run a small bed and breakfast and well, here we are!

The transition has been interesting, the difficult bit was leaving family and friends ( although we have a daughter living in America, a son living in Spain, a daughter in the U.K. and the youngest currently in Guatemala!) , hearing  the alarm clock going off, seven days a week and …. the language!!!

The good bits are, the weather, the scenery, the slower pace of life and meeting so many lovely people staying at the hotel.

We are so looking forward now to the spring, to enhancing ,what was already a beautiful hotel, we have so many exciting ideas and plans for this year and look forward to sharing this all with you.

A beautiful quote I hold dear to my heart and I believe is so apt to our lives here at the hotel ; “enjoy the good times, push through the hard times and pretty much laugh all the time”

We look forward to sharing this journey with you and hope to see you all here very soon !
A bientôt!